Fenty for the People: Rihanna

May 31 marks the release date for the anticipated FENTY clothing line designed by our favorite bad gal Rihanna. The brand differentiates itself from the other products the pop star has created, which range from makeup to lingerie. FENTY is defined as an upscale clothing line under LVMH, a luxury fashion house owning brands such as LouisVuitton and Christian Dior. FENTY, however, creates an outlet within the luxury market, appealing to a youthful and progressive demographic. Rihanna, as a style icon herself, fuses the luxury textiles available to this fashion house with her personal style and understanding of urban culture. It is safe to say that the brand defies the norm on multiple accounts. Primarily, Rihanna indicates that it is very important that her creative direction is apparent within the brand through creating garments that she herself would wear. In the media, Rihanna’s fluctuating weight has garnered a lot of attention, which in turn became a facet to the collection. The collection did not aim to dress the petite model frame, rather it welcomes the diversity of body shapes. Rihanna made it her mission to incorporate silhouettes that complement a range of figures, especially her own curvy frame. In addition to the diversity of size, the ethnic diversity of the models is a necessary depart from the homogenous models within the traditional luxury house. As well as defying norms through design and representation, Rihanna’s involvement with LVMH marks firsts for the house as she is the first woman, and notably a woman of color, to create an original brand and reside at the top of the fashion house.  

As for the design of the clothing, FENTY contains many monochromatic, earthy toned looks. The neutral colors and understated design appear to emphasize or enhance the individual wearing the garment. The looks are simple, eliminating distractions, and cut to compliment the body with high end fabrics. The masculine influence in the clothing is also evident through the vast tailored suits and prominent shoulders. The femininity within the collection, however, is not overpowered as many of the garments feature a fitted waist. This may reflect Rihanna's shift from the entertainment industry into the business world-- starting as a teen icon and transitioning to a leading figure in a male dominated field. Excluding the rumored exorbitant prices, the clothing line is inviting, appealing to the practical woman seeking to enhance her wardrobe. The line does not play into stereotypes of women's wear, remaining androgynous and targeting women of all shapes and colors to indulge in FENTY.

Claudia Morgan