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pATRICK cHURCH Celebrates women’s strength

Patrick Church

British designer, Patrick Church displays his Spring 2020 designs on unlikely models— female body builders. Church remarks that he admires the juxtaposition of both conventional femininity and masculinity, alongside their profound strength and unabashed confidence. Church celebrates all women, paying attention to their beauty and individualized forms. Church’s garments are differentiated by his artwork, featuring cartoon-like figures. His characters range from hyper-masculine faces shedding sensitive tears to the kiss shared between an angel and devil, each personifying the dualities he deeply admires. 

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july may be over, but noah is not over it

Noah Cyrus released her song July on the month’s very last day, July 31. Perhaps the song is a farewell to the summer month and all she endured during this time. Her sound and style for the song feature her country roots that her sister and many others have gravitated to this summer. Consistent with her release date, the singer relays lyrics that indicate her relationship is facing its bitter end, while she faces great difficulty moving on from it.

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Just in time for Wimbledon, the tennis inspired brand Lacoste has collaborated with Tyler, the Creator’s line GOLF le FLEUR *, cleverly naming the collection GOLF le COSTE. The Design and marketing of the pieces stay true to both brands--classic and comfortable. The unisex pieces channel a vintage aesthetic through cut and usage of pastels. The clothes are variations on the same theme, granting the wearer the possibility of mixing pieces. Each piece is topped with the merged logo, fusing the iconic Lacoste crocodile with the GOLF le FLEUR* flower. The collection will soon be available on the Lacoste website and select boutiques.

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don’t f*ck with her freedom

Miley has risen to the top of our radar with the release of her new EP, SHE IS COMING. The most popular song on the album is entitled Mother’s Daughter, a track centered around women empowerment. This is a crucial time to relay such messages as the recent abortion bans sweep our nation. Consistent with the album’s message, Miley has teamed up with Marc Jacobs to collaborate on a sweatshirt with the pop star’s face and the lyrics“don’t f*ck with my freedom” from Mother’s Daughter. In addition to encouraging women’s sexuality and strength within the design, the two have indicated that all proceeds will benefit Planned Parenthood.



Exhibition’s official Instagram: @gagavegas

Lady Gaga has proven to me more than a mere singer with performances and iconic looks from McQueen to Mugler that propelled her career to the top. Due to the recent opening of Haus of Gaga Las Vegas, curated by Nicola Formichetti, viewers can immerse themselves in some of the most memorable pop culture moments through fashion.


igor is here

Tyler, the Creator released his new album, IGOR. The thirty-nine minute album features collaborations with countless artists. Tyler, however, does not name the featured artists, challenging his fans to identify their voices.

Tyler, the Creator posted to Instagram May 20 buttons with various artists names, possibly alluding to the unnamed artists on IGOR. @ feliciathegoat

Tyler, the Creator posted to Instagram May 20 buttons with various artists names, possibly alluding to the unnamed artists on IGOR. @feliciathegoat


fka twigs new single, cellophane, stripped

(literally and figuratively)

FKA Twigs’ newly released track Cellophane brings a new meaning to stripped. Cellophane’s music video features the artist in mythical apparel, moving along the pole, customarily used by strippers. The music video counters the stigma associated with pole dancing, showcasing it as an elegant and artistic form of dance. The video exudes femininity and strength, apparent within the artist herself. Twigs also includes an additional dimension to the song by releasing a stripped rendition of the track, which features a live performance solely accompanied by her piano and cellist.

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Billie captures our strangest addiction, the office

In Billie Eilish’s album, WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?, she cleverly links her song, my strange addiction with her apparent strange addiction, The Office. The song features various clips from the iconic episode where Michael Scott shows his employees the film he created, Threat Level Midnight. Eilish’s dedication to the show was put to the test as Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight Schrute, questions her knowledge of the show.



Solange’s album, When I Get Home is consistent with her alternative sound, straying from typical pop music. Solange, however brings us back to a familiar time with her music video for one of the tracks, Binz. Solange clicks open to Photobooth and prances around to this banger, as any of us did back in the early 2000s.