Creation through Destruction: Chad Wys

          Artist, Chad Wys truly embodies the credo of The Modern Renaissance through his usage of classic artwork modified by his modern image of beauty and color. Wys destructs the contrived canon of Renaissance artwork, showcasing his free-spirited ideals. Exuding energy, Wys highlights a profound historical and political importance to the entertainment value of his work, inevitably bringing worth to aesthetics. As indicated by Wys, “I want to draw attention to the process of reception; a process that might otherwise be taken for granted. I strive to make the act of looking fun, but I also strive to make fun meaningful.” Art has stood as a symbol of class, commissioned and appreciated by the upper tier of society. Artists and commissioners existed in a realm superior to the common individual, causing art to be highly exclusionary. Renaissance pieces were solely commissioned, following the embedded norms instilled by the Academy, limiting the potential of diverging artistic renditions. Wys, thus, challenges this historical and political status of art, playing with color and composition to intrigue all viewers, rather than solely the highly educated upper class. Wys’ artwork exhibits a carefree nature, serving as both a visual pleasing rendition of classic artwork as well as a counter to the prior conception of art.

I like asking what beauty can be, and in turn I hope to consider how objects inform us of ourselves and our volatile, shared histories”
— Chad Wys

                                 by Claudia Morgan

Claudia MorganComment