Men of Montreal: Kaytranada X Ricardo Cavolo


             Montreal is a city of diversity in both an artistic and cultural respect. Primarily, artistic diversity is celebrated through the vast collection of artwork, most notably displayed on the city streets. Spanish artist, Ricardo Cavolo contributes to the eclectic artwork of the city by crafting a colossal mural on one of Montreal most iconic streets, Saint Laurent. The cultural diversity evident within the city directly corresponds to Cavolo’s influences. Cavolo reveals that his artwork contains references to his heritage through traditional elements, such as religious and tribal imagery as well as modern aspects, including tattoo culture. Similarly, Montreal fuses the distinct elements of varied cultures. In addition to the cultural diversity, Montreal maintains artistic diversity through its emphasis on art beyond the visual. Therefore, music is greatly celebrated, encouraging and challenging societal members to go beyond the norms of highly contrived music styles. Montreal native, Kaytranada utilizes his unique sound to devise his acclaimed album, 99.9%, featuring album artwork by Cavolo himself. This marriage of art and music occurs frequently within the city. Events such as Montreal’s Mural Festival coincide with this notion giving artists and musicians the opportunity to showcase their talents through performances and art displays. Thus, Montreal serves as a melting pot of art and culture, exhibited by the collaboration of two men widely recognized in the Montreal scene, Kaytranada and Ricardo Cavolo.

 by Claudia Morgan

Ricardo Cavolo Montreal Mural

Ricardo Cavolo Montreal Mural

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