Structure Meets Fluidity: Jacquemus


                 Designer, Jacquemus has dominated the fashion scene, dressing the most recognizable starlets with a collection perfectly reminiscent of his French foundation. Primarily, the city of Paris, both the country’s capital as well as an artistic capital, serves as a great influence. It is evident that the structured garments and usage of geometric shapes directly relate to the Parisian architecture that permeates throughout the city. Additionally, the iconic minimalist Parisian style, exuding elegance in an understated manner, is an additional facet to the collection. Contrasting with the structured elements, there exists a sense of fluidity, evident in the loose fitting garments and fabric usage. The breezy, effortless nature of the garments reflect the waterfront southern region of France. The fluid movement exhibited by the pieces mirror the movement of the waves and subtle ocean wind. The dichotomy of Jacquemus' designs showcase his profound ability to find harmony in conflicting construction, implicative of France's geographical diversity.

Claudia MorganComment