The Aesthetics of the Storm: Kali Uchis

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 2.11.50 PM.png

            Rising artist, Kali Uchis takes vintage fashions and style, fused with her own flare, to tell the story of her song, After the Storm. The lyrics and visual depiction provide a juxtaposition of concepts, creating a multitude of dimensions within the piece. Uchis, dolled up from head to toe, lives a domestic lifestyle within the video as she is shown grocery shopping, taking care of the family, and etc. This quirky vintage inspired household then provides a direct contrast to the lyrics she relays. After the Storm, sheds light on positivity, indicating that every person must overcome their own hardships to eventually lead to bliss. Uchis also discusses that one cannot rely on others to assist since everyone has their own burdens. These sentiments are even more powerful coming from this character as her physical vintage appearance contradicts this current feminist view. Alongside the suave melody, Uchis empowers her audience that there is sweetness beyond the bitterness of struggle, resulting in strength and self-development. This presents a contrast between the two themes of a highly dependent vintage image of the domestic women and the independent individual discussed in the lyrics.  Aesthetically, the vintage visuals add to the appeal of the video; however, this juxtaposition of vintage style and modern mentality allow the audience to feel empowered and see the sun After the Storm.

 by Claudia Morgan